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Secure Cross-Platform Data Protection

From servers to virtual machines, SIRIS is the secure data protection solution built for businesses. Security comes first with two-factor authentication and the immutable Datto Cloud to deliver the all-in-one solution for backup and recovery in a ransomware world. Born for businesses with a cloud first architecture that delivers an all-in-one solution that spans backup to DRaaS, all administered from a secure, multi-tenant cloud portal. Immutable backups and the secure Datto Cloud make SIRIS your best line of defense against ransomware.

Beyond Backup, SIRIS All-in-one Data Protection

Datto defines SIRIS as an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. By unifying backup with disaster recovery, SIRIS provides businesses with a complete solution stack.

Technical Innovation + Security

Inverse Chain Technology™: Inverse Chain Technology™ fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is done allowing for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point.

Exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™: Does deleting backups either accidentally or maliciously mean you can’t recover? Think again with Cloud Deletion Defense™ that undeletes the unthinkable.

100% Recovery Confidence: What good is backup if you can’t restore? With SIRIS it starts with backups that are verified at multiple levels including patented Screenshot Verification that verifies not just boot-up ability but application accessibility. Patented ransomware scanning delivers peace-of-mind that client data is not compromised.

Deployment Flexibility: Simplicity is a guiding design principle for SIRIS. From deployment flexibility that spans a software only implementation to hardened backup appliances, MSPs can implement the solution that fits their client’s requirements.

Extraordinary Features: SIRIS is the all-in-one data protection solution designed for businesses that goes beyond backup and recovery to provide full business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) in one integrated stack.

3-2-1 Backup as easy as 1-2-3: Automated, verified backups stored locally and in the secure Datto Cloud are the best defense for protecting data. Features like Inverse Chain Technology™ that make every incremental backup a recovery point and Cloud Deletion Defense™ which undos accidental or malicious backup deletion ensure you are ready to address any recovery scenario.

Instant Recovery for Minimal Downtime: SIRIS can recover from any downtime scenario reducing both client downtime and the pressure you face when every second counts. From file level restore to instant virtualization of an entire system to bare metal recovery, SIRIS gives you the flexibility to recover data anytime, anywhere.

Cloud First, Cloud Best: The immutable Datto Cloud is the cornerstone of SIRIS, providing a secure offsite means to store backup snapshots and to also recover data. The Datto Cloud is geographically distributed for safety and data sovereignty. Exabyte scalability and multiple security layers make the Datto Cloud the smart choice for recovery.

Raising The Bar for Security and Reliability: Datto SIRIS backup snapshots are replicated to the secure Datto Cloud for offsite storage and recovery. With 99.99999% availability and multiple layers of security the Datto Cloud gives MSPs the confidence their client data is safe.

Bringing the Fight to Ransomware: Inverse Chain Technology™ creates a ransomware resistant backup snapshot while the immutable Datto Cloud creates a safe offsite backup repository. Integrated ransomware scan detects possible ransomware infections as part of the backup process.

Recover from any Disaster: No matter what the disaster is, from ransomware, corrupted or deleted files to a server meltdown, SIRIS protects your data and offers a host of features to get your clients up and running.

Not Just Fast Restore, Instant Restore: SIRIS instant virtualization can recover a client server or VM locally or in the Datto Cloud in seconds. Utilizing the cloud-based recovery launchpad, MSPs can easily recover an entire system or a file. Recovery launchpad doesn’t stop at recovery, it facilitates establishing network connectivity ensuring clients experience minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

Rollback and File Restore: Rapid Rollback allows you to restore file systems to working order, without needing to reimage the entire machine. If you only need to recover a handful of files, you can leverage the Direct Restore Utility, which enables users to pull files from any Windows device using iSCSI.

Better Built DRaaS: Disaster Recovery as a Service is a critical offering for clients since it facilitates a partial or complete recovery in the cloud. Datto takes DRaaS to the next level with a simple, predictable cost model using the secure Datto Cloud.

Bare Metal Recovery When you need it: SIRIS bare metal recovery (BMR) is there if you need it and with patented Fast Failback you can resync new data to the recovered server.

Reliable Technical Support: Certified Datto experts are available 24/7/365

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