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Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime!

You can never predict when important work comes your way. In a world of stringent timelines and enormous workloads, tools that let you connect to other computers or collaborate offer great help. When time is equivalent to money, such features not only help you work faster but effectively. Quick access to any computer, and the ability to host and join online meetings from anywhere, will lead to improved productivity. Introducing a strategy such as this increases efficiency and gives you the flexibility to work from home or any location.

How RemotePC helps you?

You need to configure your computer for Always-ON Remote Access to control it over the Internet anytime by entering the unique Key known only to you. The Personal Key acts as a secondary password for your computer and helps prevent any unauthorized access. Once configured in your computer, you can connect to your computer instantly. Then you can continue working just as if you're in the office and access other configured computers.

RemotePC also comes with an online meeting solution as a free add-on. With this secure web conferencing tool, you can communicate with your team from a conference room or any remote location. All you need to do is share a unique meeting invite with your team to start a live meeting instantly.

RemotePC features that are designed to simplify your work:

  • Remote access to your faraway computer from any PC/Mac/Linux, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

  • Drag and drop files to your local computer from the remote computer and vice versa.

  • Send and receive chat messages between your computers.

  • Print documents and images that are on your remote computers from a local printer.

  • Transfer files and folders effortlessly between your computers when needed.

  • Collaborate with associates using the whiteboard, chat, or sticky notes.

  • Record and save remote sessions at your desired location on the local computer.

  • Lock the remote desktop instantly or after the session ends with the Lock function. This will prevent any unauthorized use of the computer during a session.

  • Configure your Mac, PC, & Linux machines for remote desktop access by assigning them a name and a Personal Key.

Enjoy all these benefits when you sign up for RemotePC.

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